Emmanuel Karantonis                                              Managing Director

                                       Emmanuel Karantonis
                                            Managing Director



Emmanuel Karantonis, director of EPK, firmly believes that there will never be a day when he will stop learning.

Karantonis passionately believes that there is always room for growth. Practising what he preaches, EPK has grown three-fold annually since its inception.

Determined, goal orientated and driven, Karantonis grants his clients unwavering dedication and commitment. 

From a young age, Karantonis wanted to work with his hands; to turn his dreams into tangible reality. He has always stood back with pride and a careful eye to examine the fruits of his labour. Now, at the orchard that is EPK, Karantonis believes that their point of difference is simple : quality.

Quality of service, quality of craftsmanship.


EPK is proactive : they seek to manage their clients with unprecedented care and consideration; adhering to deadline with steadfast routine, and finding solutions for situations that were believed not to have one.

The EPK team, each member hand-picked by Karantonis is a community. A community of young talented, dedicated craftsmen using cutting-edge technology. His wife and colleague, describes Karantonis as "unstoppable". She laughs when asked of the future for EPK: "Emmanuel has big vision, a very big vision. He works hard until he achieves what he said would. Then, his vision becomes even bigger, and he work even harder to do something that many other not even consider possible. It has always been this way with him, and I think that is that way he will stay".


Epk's Team

Angelo Karantonis
General Manager

Des Nicolau
Accounts Receivable & Payable

Peter Stringer
CAD Operator

Trent Hallet

Nick Karantonis
Senior Estimator

Costa Chrysostomou
Head Spray Painter

Ana Nikolaidis

Malcom Fernando
Head Machinist

Gary Malo
CNC Operator

Christine Innis
Admin Assistant