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SmartOAK is a uniform laminated veneer product, developed initially by Forestry Tasmania in partnership with a range of industry partners under the name of Hardlam.

Following a cessation of development work by Forestry Tasmania, a group of interested scientists and engineers, formerly associated with that work, formed SmartOAK Pty Ltd to continue development and commercialisation under the SmartOAK brand.

Large solid timber sections are becoming more difficult to source from Australian tree species as reservations of iconic forests restrict access to larger trees.

SmartOAK is offering a product that can still provide large section timber with visual characteristics somewhat akin to those of solid wood. SmartOAK can do so sustainably by value adding to smaller diameter lower grade logs that would otherwise be converted to paper pulp or for some having no other commercial value.

All SmartOAK uses solely Tasmanian timbers resulting in products that are of exceptional durability and beauty.

SmartOAK offers a versatile wood substitute in applications where large-section sawn timber is difficult to source or price prohibitive. 

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