The philosophy held by EPK is a simple one :

Innovation to achieve unparalleled solutions.



The constant pursuit of perfection in this department has lead to multiple HIA Award winning projects and countless long term relationships with clients that is reflected in all our work.


At EPK we offer a full design and documentation service, in house manufacturing, CNC machining, polish shop, acrylic division, solid surface, bespoke wood working, steel fabrication, pre-cast concrete, ecoustic, furniture and much much more. 


We have extensive experience designing and building interiors for restaurants, retail and office spaces. From one off to roll out scenarios along with full turn key operations.  


EPK's own line of bespoke furniture, Ecoustic paneling, Shou-sugi-ban and much much more. Want to develop your own, contact us below. 

Warm, industrial, simple but just perfect ! 


From the polished concrete floors to the seamless engineered bench tops this kitchen has the perfect touch with the addition of the Candy Apple polyurethane setting off a warm and enjoyable space to come home to. Simply perfect !



Lindt Cafe


With a world renowned brand at hand, an Architectural firm with high expectations and an eight week programme meant the challenge ahead was going to be a test, one with many years of longevity required an an international audience. The finish product is nothing short of amazing and timeless, a piece of art in many aspects. Detail throughout meant the material section was going to be nothing short of normal and a challenge to source and execute.



Epk is an Australian owned and operated custom joinery company, now based in Botany, Sydney. 


Currently spread over a manufacturing facility compromising of 4400+ square meters our manufacturing plant has allowed EPK to become a one stop shop with full control over each in house department and a standard like no other. This is where quantity and quality come together like never before ! 

                                       Emmanuel Karantonis                                                     Director

                                       Emmanuel Karantonis



Emmanuel Karantonis, founder and director of EPK, firmly believes that there will never be a day when he will stop learning.

Karantonis passionately believes that there is always room for growth. Practising what he preaches, EPK has grown three-fold annually since its inception.

Determined, goal orientated and driven, Karantonis grants his clients unwavering dedication and commitment. 

From a young age, Karantonis wanted to work with his hands; to turn his dreams into tangible reality. He has always stood back with pride and a careful eye to examine the fruits of his labour. Now, at the orchard that is EPK, Karantonis believes that their point of difference is simple : quality.

Quality of service, quality of craftsmanship.


EPK is proactive; they seek to manage their clients with unprecedented care and consideration; adhering to deadline with steadfast routine. Finding solutions for situations that were believed not to have one.

The EPK team, selectively hand-picked by Karantonis, is a community. A community of young talented, dedicated craftsmen using cutting-edge technology. His partner and colleagues talk about Emmanuel possessing the rare ability to manifest all concepts of design, through consistency & being efficient in all aspects of his work. Emmanuel’s overall work ethic and passion to always produce results to his best capacity, has time after time left his team, as well as all his new & long-term clients in awe. You will yet to have worked with an individual encompassing as much drive and adherence to their craft, as you have with Emmanuel.


Emmanuel Karantonis

Melissa McFetridge

Deepti Deepti
Purchasing Officer

Luma Arantes
Admin Assistant

Dimitri Ioakimaros
Head Auto CAD Department

Sahil Sagar
Head Spray Painter

Tamas Bodocs
Factory Foreman

Ragup Hatigoplu
General Manager

Sean Mercieca
Head of Installation

Omar Khateib
Head of Machining

Joe Samarani
Metal Fabrication Manager